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155/65 R14 Tubeless


Goodyear GT3 155/65R14 75 T Tubeless Tyre

Used 155/65R14 Car Tyre



Bridgestone is the largest producer of tyres in the world. A Japanese brand with a real commitment to being the best at making tyres. Their mission is elegantly said in a simple sentence: Serving Society with Superior Quality Naturally then, safety and performance are what helps Bridgestone achieve their mission. It’s easy to choose the right tyre for your needs, whether that’s for fuel savings, high-performance driving, luxury and comfort, or off-road and SUV use. Bridgestone has worked directly with Formula 1 for 14 years, and creates some of the best handling high-performance tyres for passenger cars. They continue to work with many luxury car manufacturers to design comfortable and quiet tyres, which often come as original equipment. Bridgestone is named as the Most Trusted Tyre Brand in Australia. Whichever tyre range you choose, you can be confident you’ll be getting what Bridgestone claims you’ll get


Goodyear is another tyre manufacturing giant, offering a very similar range of tyres that Bridgestone offers. They too have got tyres especially designed for fuel savings, comfortable long-distance journeys and all terrain adventures. While they offer great quality and features, Goodyear doesnt cater so much to high-performance tyres, the way Bridgestone does with their Potenza range. Traits such as good wet weather safety, durability and fuel-saving is commonly found in Goodyear’s range of passenger car tyres. Goodyear performance range of tyres makes a good all-round tyre for passenger cars. It contains adhesive resin that offers increased grip in both dry and wet conditions. It also has reinforced construction technology, which is made of ultra-high tensile steel breaker cords that improves cornering stiffness and reduces tread wear.


Both Goodyear and Bridgestone have very competitive offerings, and are rated the same across the board for wet and dry weather handling, stopping distance and longevity.


Bridgestone vs. Goodyear tyre comparison

Compare their performances

Stopping ability
Bridgestone 4/5, Goodyear 4/5

Life of tyre
Bridgestone 4/5, Goodyear 4/5


Technical Details

Brand   Goodyear
Product Dimensions    20 x 20 x 10 cm; 6 Kilograms
Item model number    155/65 R14 Kelly VFM 3 75T Tubeless Tyre
Manufacturer Part Number    NEWtyre-20
Position     Bottom
Tyre Type    Tubeless
Included     TYRE
Section Width    155 Millimetres
Aspect Ratio     65.0
Construction    R (radial)
Rim Diameter    14 Inches
Load Index Rating    95
Speed Rating   T
Tread Depth    8.5 Millimetres
Manufacturer    GOODYEAR TYRE
Item Weight    6 kg


Additional Information

Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars 40 ratings
4.0 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #9,147 in Car & Motorbike
#115 in Tyres & Tubes
Date First Available 27 November 2019
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 20 x 10 Centimeters
Net Quantity 1 count
Generic Name Tyre


Using the Penny Test to Check Your Tread Depth

Tread wear can be easily checked with coins in your pockets. Take a penny and hold President Lincoln’s head upside down. Stick the penny in one of the primary tread grooves. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you have less than two thirty-seconds of an inch (2/32”) of tread. Also, your tires have wear indicators – these wear indicators are located at several places around the circumference of your tires and rise 2/32 inch from the bottom of the groove. When the tread has worn down to the 2/32-inch level, these indicators become flush with the tread surface and appear as a smooth bridge connecting the two adjacent tread ribs. And remember you can always visit a Goodyear Authorized Service Center to have your tire treadwear and inflation pressure checked.


So How Long Should I Expect My Tires to Last?

Your tires are the only thing on your car touching the road, so ensuring they are up to the task is incredibly important.

Consider the tires that are currently on your vehicle. As important as your tires are, it helps to know a little bit more about them.


Signs When Tires Should be Replaced

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the average American drives 13,476 miles every year – that’s over 1,100 miles a month! Goodyear offers select replacement tires, which include treadwear wear-out warranties for up to six (6) years, or the mileage indicated, or whichever occurs first.

Most tires last until the tread wears out under proper maintenance and service conditions and come out of service for normal wear-out or typical service conditions after 3 to 4 years of typical driving and service. If the alignment on your car isn’t to the factory standards, or your tires are underinflated, the tire tread can wear abnormally. And, if you drive your car aggressively, the tread can wear away more quickly. Learn more signs for tire replacement and tips on when to replace your tires. Used 155/65R14 Car Tyre


Reading the Tire Date Code

Most tires on the road today will have a twelve-character Tire Identification Number or TIN stamped on the tire sidewall immediately following the letters “DOT.”

Goodyear tire close up showing DOT number
Otherwise, look at the last four digits of the code. Used 155/65R14 Car Tyre


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