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2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300


  • Condition:  Used
  • Year:            2018
  • Make:          Sea-Doo
  • Model:         RXP-X 300
  • Category:    Three Seater
  • Type:            Personal Watercraft
  • Hours:         105


2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

Sea Doo RXP-X 300



Engine: 1,630cc supercharged and intercooled triple

Fuel Capacity: 15.9 gal.

Stowage Capacity: 30.7 gal.

Seating Capacity: 2


When it comes to the 2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300, parent company BRP clearly has control issues…and that’s a good thing. High-horsepower and aggressive handling may be the hallmarks of a high-performance musclecraft, but power and handling need to be reined in and controlled for riders to truly push these powerful craft to their potential. The RXP-X 300 does all that


Horsepower & Handling

Sea-Doo handles the first part of the high-performance formula with the most potent engine currently in the company’s arsenal, the 1,630cc Rotax ACE 300.

A replacement two years back for the Rotax 1503 that originally powered the RXP-X, the ACE 300 boasts larger displacement, runs cooler, is more efficient and features a maintenance-free supercharger.

Most consumers, however, will probably just want to know the stats.

Again, roughly 67 mph is the governed top speed (a speed that is easily surpassed with simple aftermarket add-ons for those who demand more). And acceleration is brutally strong.

A trademark of the ACE 300 is that the power doesn’t falter in extremely aggressive turns or when encountering waves.

Tailor that acceleration to your liking with two acceleration modes, Touring or Sport.

The former provides a gentler curve en route to that top speed, the latter produces a harder-hitting.

More aggressive pull off the bottom and through the midrange.

A third, eco-minded mode can also be activated to produce the best fuel economy.

New for 2018 is Launch Control, a handlebar-activated system that when promises to produce the best acceleration by automatically adjusting the thrust angle at the pump as the craft initially accelerates and then planes.



Power and ultra-aggressive handling is great, but the catch for most riders is that as speeds have increased craft have gotten harder and harder to maintain control of, particularly in the turns. It’s physics…and physiology. As the hull bites the water and reacts so aggressively below, the rider is left to react above, typically with their upper body. That can be a struggle, as most riders’ upper body strength pales in comparison with their lower-body strength.

BRP’s solution with the 2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

was to spend just as much time on the ergonomics as it did on hull and horsepower and find a way to transfer that strain in the turns from the weaker arms to the much stronger legs. The resulting “ErgoLock” system starts with an hourglass-shaped saddle that, rather than push rider’s legs wide like the average PWC saddle shape, allows them to maintain a more natural posture. The curves invite the thighs to grip the saddle; angled footwell chocks allow riders to brace their legs and feet to provide additional leverage over the craft. Flared cushions forward carve out over the thigh to further the secure, locked-in feel.



Features may include:

Configurable. Comfortable. Groundbreaking.
Large swim platform
Built for hanging out on the water with the largest swim platform in the industry. Flat, stable and comfortable, it’s ideal for boarding, lounging, and prepping for tow sports. Create even more space by removing the rear seat.
Your Sea-Doo essentials are included
Limited package
Get exclusive extras like a watercraft cover, audio system with USB port and storage bin organizer. Plus a depth finder, water temperature gauge, and more.


Ride high and dry

Intelligent Debris Free Pump System (iDF)
Next level peace of mind on every ride. With the ingenious iDF system riders can clear a clogged intake in seconds without ever leaving the seat. A simple push of a button reverses pump flow to effortlessly clear debris.


At Rest. At Speed. Always Steady.

Stable and predictable hull
Whether you’re at high speeds pounding rough offshore waters, at rest hanging out in a cove or you’re simply boarding from the side, the wider hull offers industry leading stability thanks to a lower center of gravity and improved hull design.


Ingenious storage

Direct access front storage
All your gear is now within arm’s reach. The industry’s first direct-access front storage opens by simply raising the handlebar assembly. No standing required. It’s the smartest water-resistant storage we’ve ever built into a watercraft, offering room for your next adventure.


Fast. Easy. Secure.

Rear cargo LinQ system
Extra rear storage is now possible with the secure quick-attach LinQ system. It allows to easily snap a fuel caddy, a bag, a cooler and more, to the back of your watercraft using two convenient, integrated attachment points.


Touring Features

Comfort and Convenience
Spend all day touring with these standard features: iDF Debris Free Pump System, Tilt Steering, Speed Regulator Mode and Slow Mode and a Boarding Ladder for pure comfort and enjoyment.


Pure Rotax power

300 HP
The Rotax 1630 ACE engine delivers 300 HP of pulse-pounding excitement and comes equipped with Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) technology for exceptional economy.


Intelligent brake and reverse

The Industry’s first and most intuitive on-water brake
Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boat safety and now in its third generation, the Sea-Doo exclusive iBR system allows you to stop sooner. With both hands on the handlebars, riders can engage forward, neutral, and reverse for stable, worry-free maneuvering at low speeds.


7.8-inch wide color display

Hi-Res Bluetooth Gauge
Stunning colors and crystal clear display shows vehicle data and pairs with compatible phone apps via BRP Connect to show maps, weather and more on your dash. And take full advantage of improved sound quality and intuitive speed-sensitive volume control.


Closed-loop cooling system

A Sea-Doo Exclusive
This technology prevents corrosive saltwater and damaging debris from entering the engine, for increased reliability and peace of mind.
Music onboard.

Built for large bodies of water with the 300-hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine and Ergolock system. The SEA-DOO rxt-x 300 lets you push your limits further.


How fast do Jet Skis go?

The slowest ones hover around 40 MPH while the fastest ones are capped at 65 MPH these days. Sure, you can see over 70 MPH on some machines but nowadays it’s become about who can get to 70 MPH the quickest.

One common question I get asked all the time is “what is the top speed of…”. To answer this question I’ve gone through and listed the top speeds I’ve experienced on each machine.

These numbers may not be exact and you may not experience them. These numbers are to give you an idea of how fast one watercraft is to the other.

Always give the top speed a plus or minus 5 mph for rider weight and water conditions.

Seadoo Spark

Top Speed of 60HP Spark is about 40mph.

Top Speed of the 90HP Spark is about 50mph.

The spark is perfect for anyone new to watercraft, start here!


GTS 130

Top Speed of the GTS 130 is about 55mph.

The GTS is only good for rental companies if new not a rental company then choose either a Spark or a GTI instead.



The top Speed of the GTI 90HP is about 42mph.

Top Speed of the GTI 130 and the GTI SE 130 is about 55mph.

The Top Speed of the GTI SE 155 and GTI Limited is about 60mph.

The GTI’s are great for people new to riding watercraft and want something more comfortable than the spark.


GTR 215

The Top Speed of the GTR 215 is about 65mph.

The GTR is entry level muscle craft, not the best for beginners or people new to watercraft.



The Top Speed of the GTX 155 and GTX-S is about 57mph.

Top Speed of The GTX 170 is about 57mph.

The Top Speed of the GTX Limited iS 260 is about 65mph to 70mph.


Toughest competitor?

Arguably Yamaha’s GP1800, another extremely aggressive handling two-seater with an abundance of power. While Yamaha does not go to the ergonomic lengths of the 2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300, the GP1800 does feature a “race-inspired” seat with a significant rear bolster to keep riders locked in place. Handling is every bit as aggressive as the RXP-X, while features include RiDE, Yamaha’s own take on electronic reverse, low-speed forward/neutral/reverse handling and rapid deceleration from speed.


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