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DAF LF FA 45.160


DAF LF FA 45.160 within UK. Buy DAF LF Lorries/Trucks and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Dar-Auto from Europe to the world.



DAF LF FA 45.160

DAF LF FA 45.160

Used & New DAF LF45.160 Trucks For Sale within UK. Buy DAF LF Lorries/

Trucks and get the best deals at the lowest prices.

Brand DAF
Model LF 45.160
Year of production 2008
Mileage 429 166 km
Condition good
First registration date 01.01.2008
Net weight 5 820 kg
Gross weight 11 990 kg
Payload 6 170 kg
Length 8,2 m
Width 2,5 m
Height 3,55 m

emission class: Euro 1
fuel: diesel
power output: 159 hp (118 KW)
engine: PAC
gearbox: automatic
transmission: Automatic

suspension: spring/air
axle configuration: 4×2
number of axles: 2-axle
steering axles
wheel base: 4,65 m
brakes: disc
dual wheels


The loading length: 6,07 m
Style of loading width: 2,26 m
Types of loading height: 2,49 m



cab type: day cab
number of seats: 2



tail lift
tail lift: Ladebordwand: Dhollandia, Heckklappe, 1500 kg

Number of axles: 2, Configuration: 4×2, Loading Capacity: 6170 kg,

Own weight: 5820 kg, Gross vehicle weight: 11990 kg, Total fuel

capacity: 200 litre, Suspension type: air suspension,

Cabin type: Short cabin, Cruise control, Tacho, Digital tachograph,

Airconditioning, Drivers position: Left hand drive,

Color: Multicolored, Engine make: Paccar, Engine capacity: 117 Kw (157 Pk),

Fuel type: diesel, Gearbox kind: AS-tronic, Number of Gears: 6, Power steering,

ABS, Number of seats: 2, Taillift, Tail-lift kind: normal, Tail-lift capacity: 1500 kg,

Tail-lift make: Dhollandia, Tail-lift material: steel, Tail-lift size: 175 x 229,

Tail-lift voltage: 24, Sparewheel, Spare tire profile: 5 mm


Cab: day

Axle 1: Tyre size: 245/70R17,5; Tyre profile left outer: 8 mm; Tyre profile right outer: 8 mm
Axle 2: Tyre size: 245/70R17,5; Tyre profile left outer: 5 mm; Tyre profile right outer: 4 mm
Height of cargo floor: 97 cm
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good


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