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255/45 R20

Avon’s ZX7 has been designed with a unique asymmetric tread pattern, which has been constructed to handle the weight of large vehicles, without compromising on performance levels.

With 3D sipes, the Avon ZX7 is quick to warm up and capable of delivering strong traction when driving in wet conditions.

Noise levels have been reduced in the ZX7 by the use of Noise Dampening Structures within the tread pattern – which work to break up and lower noise.


  • High performance 4×4 tyre
  • Strong performance in wet conditions
  • Reduced noise levels


Buy 255/45 R20 Tyre now

Cheap 255/45R20 Tyre now.


Why we don’t sell part-worn tyres

As active members of the National Tyre Distributors fully support their recent hard hitting campaign to improve road safety by making drivers think twice about the implications of fitting part worn tyres to their vehicles.

Serious concerns exist about the use of such pre-used, untested product – much of which is alleged to come from abroad, and be fitted at ‘backstreet garages’. At DAR-Auto SPRL we look to provide you with the best, fully tested, new tyre your budget allows having taken into account all the available information about your driving habits.

Cheap 255/45R20 Tyre now


Things to know

Since November 2012 it’s been a legal requirement that every tyre sold in the UK comes with a fully audited tyre label. Manufacturers must provide 3 key data points for each unit sold, namely.

Fuel efficiency allied to the tyre’s rolling resistance
Tyre’s external noise level
Safety Associated with grip in the wetSuch testing isn’t for any reason other than to give the consumer the key data about how safe their new tyres are. Part worns by the very nature of being pre-used, cannot be graded against these 3 key criteria, so must be assumed inherently unsafe.



When your old car tyre runs out of its tread life or gets damaged irreparably, replacing it is the only way out. Avoiding the expensive new tyre and going for the used set of tyres always looks tempting, isn’t it? But, wait before you lay your hands on a second-hand tyre, you need to know some quick facts on the hazards of buying used tyres. Here we go.

The used tyre seller may not be telling the truth about the tyre’s history. Buying a used tyre with no confirmation on how it was used is just like shooting in the dark and putting your money at stake.
The sheen that you see on the used tyre could be fake. Some used tyre dealers often paint the old tyre black or fix the issue.

temporarily which could last only a few kilometres. This adversely affects your safety on the road.


Tyres alike

Inspecting tyres is difficult. Unlike used cars, partially worn tyres are hard to detect as

they may have internal damages as you don’t know its history. Anyone of the issue or a combination of two would mean getting junk for your money.
You do not get a warranty on used tyres which means even if there is any

manufacturing defect which pops up while you are using it, you cannot claim it under warranty.
All tyres with good looking tread are not good. The rubber could be old and deteriorating which may not be visible to the naked eye. In the tyres kept for long, the internal rubber compounds

start deteriorating and could be a potential risk at high speeds.
The number of road accidents reported globally indicate that tyre has a major role to play in these mishaps. Statics too do not favour going for old tyres.


Looking for new tyres? Find dealers near you now

In the interest of your safety, we recommend you to avoid going for old or partially worn tyres. Buying new tyres with warranty gives you complete peace of mind and confidence in your drive. Safe driving.


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