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205/65 R15 Tubeless

Key Tyre Features

  • DE301 great all-round tyre for the budget conscious driver.
  • Excellent handling.
  • Extended mileage.
  • Reduction in rolling resistance.


205/65 R15 Tubeless

Buy 205/65R15 tyre


The Benefits of Having Tubeless Tyres in Your Car or SUV

Until a few years ago, tubeless tyres were advertised as a premium feature by vehicle manufacturers. But nowadays, most new cars and SUVs ship with tubeless tyres. However, if you have an older vehicle that came with tubed tyres and you are looking for tyre replacement, now might be a good time to switch to tubeless tyres. Buy 205/65R15 tyre


Here’s a list of advantages of switching to tubeless tyres in your car or SUV.


No more punctures caused by tube pinching:
A traditional tyre can get punctured by the pinching of the tube between the tyre wall and rim. You may think it is improbable but such silly punctures do happen quite often.


Running the vehicle with low tyre pressure:

Running your vehicle with low air pressure can also cause damage to tyres with tubes. In contrast, there is no such problem when you have tubeless tyres. However, we still recommend getting your tyres regularly checked for air pressure for a smooth driving experience.


Ability to use liquid sealant for automatic puncture repairs:

Modern tubeless tyres can be filled with liquid sealants. When a sharp object cuts down a hole in the tyre, the sealant oozes through it and dries – hence plugging the puncture. It can be very handy when you are off-roading or travelling through long highway stretches.


Slow air release allows you to go small distances with a puncture:

While a tyre with the tube goes flat in a couple of minutes, in tubeless tyres, the air escapes at a much slower rate. This feature alone can be very useful when travelling as it gives you enough time to pullover safely.


Lightweight and good for your mileage:

Since there is no tube, there is one less component in your wheel setup, reducing overall vehicle weight. Also, not having a tube means there is less unwanted friction as a tubed tyre has friction within itself. This, in turn, will reduce the frictional load on your vehicle and result in better mileage. Read: The right tyre size can increase your car’s mileage


More stable driving experience:

As the air is within the tyre itself, the distribution is more uniform, improving the vehicle’s stability at high speeds. The same cannot be said about tubed tyres as cases of uneven air pressure inside a tube are quite common.


Things to know when getting tubeless tyres

Not every puncture repair shop may have a tubeless tyre repair kit, especially in remote, rural areas. However, since tubeless tyres have become mainstream in recent years, most puncture shops do repair tubeless tyres.


Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The company produces tyres for small cars, sports cars, utes, SUVs and off-road 4x4s as well as tyres for heavy machinery and aircraft. As the Bridgestone brand is synonymous with high-end performance, innovative technology and maximum fuel efficiency, the higher price is somewhat justified. Bridgestone has cemented itself as one of the world’s premium tyre manufacturers.


Michelin Michelin is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone. Being an elite tyre manufacturer focusing on innovation and technology, you can bet that Michelin incorporates some Formula 1 experience into their ‘normal’ tyres. Michelin clearly have a strong focus on sustainability and green initiatives. The company is currently working on their 5th-generation of green tyres, with the aim to improve fuel economy as well as reducing CO2 emissions. Buy 205/65R15 tyre

Quick Conclusion

Bridgestone has cemented itself as one of the world’s premium tyre brands. Bridgestone seemingly has more of a focus on the ‘everyday’ motorist than Michelin. Michelin is not a budget brand. Hard-compounded, ultra-high mileage, cheap tyres are not the aim here. However, for the discerning buyer, Michelin offers ‘everyday’ tyres at a price accessible for many people.


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